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Our Mission

At Social Care Services Group, we provide each child/young person with a safe, nurturing environment with clear boundaries, expectations and planned outcomes based on their assessed needs. 

We work closely with local authorities across the North West to provide suitable placements for each individual child's needs. 


We have an established history of working almost exclusively with the North West authorities to support their sufficiency agenda and keep children local to their communities. 

Through individually prepared care and/or placement plans we aim to build children’s self-esteem and identity in preparation for a fulfilling life in the everyday world. 

Our intended outcomes for all children accommodated are to make a successful return to living within a family, either their own or a substitute or to equip them with the skills and knowledge to manage the transition to independent living.

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Our Approach

To achieve the best outcomes for each child in our care, we follow the Every Child Matters frameworks:

  • Being Healthy

  • Staying Safe

  • Enjoying and Achieving

  • Making a Positive Contribution

  • Achieving Economic Wellbeing. 


Addressing issues from a holistic base will include direct care and support from staff and working in partnership with local services to support the application of frameworks that examine issues of life experience, trauma, abuse and behaviour that have lead to family breakdown and/or crisis. 


These unique care packages for vulnerable children at the point of crisis in their lives enable children to develop to their fullest potential emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually, achieving positive outcomes.

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